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Would you, as the new owner, allow for such an arrangement? Of course not! So, if you would agree that this scenario is absurd, why would you try to retain control over any portion of your life — be it your dreams, your ambitions, your relationships, your talents, or your career — if your life now belongs to the Lord as His purchased possession?

What was the price? You were purchased with the Precious Blood of Jesus.

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See Ezekiel When Jesus gave His life for you, did He hold any part of Himself back from you? So why would you withhold anything from Him. Perhaps you have heard people say that you ought to give God your very best. But did you know that giving Him your very best is not enough?

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He does not simply want your best. He wants your best and your worst — He wants all! Imagine your heart as a handbag. One by one, you pull out the contents therein and give them over to Jesus.

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At length, you discover that you have given nearly everything to Him, but there are a few small items that you are loath to relinquish. In such a case, have you surrendered fully? Though the Lord indeed gave you the capacity to make plans, He did not design you with the ability to direct your own steps. Therefore, from Scripture, it is evident that the Lord created you with the ability to make plans, but He reserves for Himself the right to order your steps.

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While it is clear from Jeremiah that all of His purposes for you are only for your good, never to harm you, there will be many occasions in which the steps that He has ordered for you do not match the plans that you have devised for yourself. At the end of the day, then, it all comes down to this question: Are you willing to surrender your plans to His Purpose? Being a living sacrifice is your reasonable service because, as previously noted, you already belong to Jesus by right of purchase.

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Therefore, it is simply reasonable for you to give Him total control over that which rightfully belongs to Him anyway! Learn to walk as a living sacrifice. Part of being a living sacrifice is allowing God to be the Author and Perfecter of your life story. Maybe at some point in your life, you have usurped the pen from His Hand and tried to be the author of your own life, purpose, or destiny.

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

If you do so, you will write yourself into a mess, because you are only capable of writing according to your own understanding and what seems right to your natural mind. Nevertheless, at any point you can surrender the pen back over to Him. Though He will not erase what you have written, He will apply the Power of Grace and Redemption and write you out of your mess and into victory! Note the poetic imagery of this passage. Let God be the Author of your life story. While it may not look the way you would have drawn it up, when all is said and done, you will be amazed at the brilliant masterpiece that He has fashioned.

Release your grip on your life, and hand everything over to Jesus. Give Him the good and the bad. Give Him your strengths and your weaknesses. Give Him your hopes and your fears. Aug 9 Jan 21 Joshua Chang Romford, United Kingdom. Apr 6 Myzel Martinez Philippines.

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