How to Make Money During a Government Shutdown

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Not all, but many government services such as museums, parks and courts are forced to close during a government shutdown. This is why it is called partial - because it doesn't include the whole US government. Services that are not considered crucial to citizens' welfare are closed. Schools, airports, prisons and libraries will stay open, and as postal services are self-funded, US citizens still get their letters.

Lost revenue

Politicians, including President Trump, will also keep working. However, "non-essential" government services have been forced to close. Employees of these services have been stopped from working and many have had their pay stopped for the moment. This shutdown continues until Congress reaches an agreement on funding. Now in its 24th day, polls suggest that more people blame President Trump for the shutdown than his opponents, the Democrats.

A poll by news broadcaster CNN showed that 32 percent of people blame the Democrats, while 55 percent blame the President. The Democrat party is against spending money on the wall. A leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi said that the wall would be "a waste of money".

Many feel that building the wall is wrong, and would deny many immigrants working opportunities and safety in the United States. No temper tantrum is going to get you the wall. However, President Trump told congress that he was prepared for the shutdown to continue for 'months or even years'. He said he is "proud" to shut down the government if funding does not come through for the wall. Lots of US citizens agree with him, as they believe that too many immigrants come to the United States illegally. They believe that illegal immigrants should go through official channels to gain citizenship in the US.

But others say that the US immigration policy is too complicated and strict, and that many migrants need help more immediately. It is hard to say at this point - as neither President Trump and the Republican party or the Democratic party appear to be backing down. There is hope that it will end soon so that government workers can be paid, but while there is no sign that either side will give way on this issue, it is hard to say when this might be.

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This furloughed worker found a unique way to make $2, a month during the shutdown - MarketWatch

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  • US government shutdown: Staff still not paid for work. However, if needed, cutting back on flexible expenses can help you avoid overspending when your income drops. It never hurts to ask. However, you will probably regret that decision later, when your debt and expenses pile up. After missing their paycheck on Friday, federal workers furloughed due to the partial government shutdown apply for substitute teacher positions at a job fair held by the Fairfax County Public School system Jan. Selling your things a few times a year — not just in a time of need — could help you build up an emergency fund, she added.

    Q&A: Everything You Should Know About Government Shutdowns

    Shutdowns seem to be more common nowadays. The current shutdown is the third shutdown under President Trump and — as we previously mentioned — is the longest shutdown in U. As such, government workers might need to start thinking about how to prepare for such situations in the future. Saving is hard, but doing it in small steps and over time, makes it possible to build up that small amount that can help a lot when things go sour.

    The Government Shutdown - HOW TO MAKE MONEY

    Skip to content. Government shutdown This means any additional employment will need to be temporary or part-time. But this is hardly a perfect solution. Pay is usually minimum wage or just a tad more. This not only means the excepted worker has to work two jobs and only get paid for one of them , but it can create scheduling issues.

    These can provide flexibility for excepted workers to earn money when not scheduled during their normal working hours. Another hurdle for finding another job is that many workers may need special approval first. For example, some IRS employees and government attorneys will need a pre-approval or waiver before they can start their new job. The problem is that getting this paperwork completed is sometimes impossible because the shutdown has closed the office or furloughed the person necessary to complete the paperwork.

    State laws govern unemployment eligibility, but generally speaking, only furloughed employees can apply for unemployment benefits.

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    • Depending on the state, furloughed workers can apply on or after the first day their furlough begins. However, there will usually be a one-week waiting period before workers can start receiving unemployment payments. After factoring in the waiting period and processing time, most states will begin sending unemployment payments about two to three weeks after the worker files an unemployment claim. One way in which states vary in how they handle unemployment claims from furloughed federal workers is the requirement to search for a job.

      Some states will require the furloughed worker to submit proof they are looking for a new job while other states will temporarily waive this requirement. When the government shutdown finally ends, should furloughed workers receive retroactive pay from Congress, they should expect to pay back the state unemployment benefits they have received during the shutdown.

      7 Things to Do When You Miss a Paycheck or Lose Your Job

      To make this easier, many states will allow workers to set up a payment plan to return the unemployment money over a period of time.