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Free cancellation up to 24 hours before activity starts. Check availability Update. Experience Highlights. Visit Kotor bay in Montenegro, one of the most scenic and picturesque places on the Adriatic Sea. It is also the biggest bay on the Adriatic, because of its strategic importance in this turbulent region, it has been under rule by different nations. Each of them left a mark that can be seen today through a beautiful blend of architectural influences.

Romans, Turks, Venetians, Austrians - each nation left a mark on this region and its cities. After your departure from Dubrovnik and a scenic drive through Konavle valley, enter Montenegro where you make a short stop at Verige to take photos of the beautiful landscape just before entering Kotor bay.

Continue your drive along the coast through Risan and Perast, to reach Kotor.

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Often called the best preserved and prettiest town in Montenegro, this UNESCO-listed fortified city is famous for its city walls, a display of Venetian-inspired architecture, beautiful churches, and rich history of maritime trade and shipping. Whether it was independent, or as a part of the Byzantine empire, Serbian kingdom or the Venetian republic, Perast may be one of the most historically intriguing places in Boka Kotorska.

In Perast, you have the opportunity to take a boat ride and visit Our Lady of the Rocks island. This led to a miraculous healing of one of the brothers. Ever since locals have been bringing rocks and sinking ships next to this rock. An island was formed and first a chapel was built, then a church in its place. Some call it the Croatian Sistine chapel because of the artwork that enriches its walls. See more See less. Prepare for the activity Important information.

In case of bad weather you will skip Our Lady of the Rocks and visit Budva instead. Add to wishlist Give this as a gift. You might also like Likely to sell out. You will find plenty of mountain huts selling it en route. This is a long trek, about ten hours to the top and back, so you need to be fit. But the views are worth it. Vranac and Kratosije grapes are the indigenous and irresistibly good ones, with producers all in stunning locations around the lake and mountains. So there is plenty to raise a toast to.

Durmitor is probably the most visited, with the Tara River canyon cutting through it, along with brave white water rafters. On dry land, this is also a favourite with horse riders. All the parks have hiking and biking trails though and, as Montenegro is so small, it is easy to dip in and out of all them. Especially Skadar, with its mammoth lake. Balkans bundle By travelling through several of the Balkan countries, you get a wonderful overview of this most stunning mountainous landscape, but also its culture and history.

In two weeks you can easily dip in and out of four countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, without feeling rushed. Choosing an expert tour operator who can give you a short cut to the cultural and natural highlights helps though. Culture This small country is brimming with all sorts of cultural curiosities. Orthodox Christianity is also very important, and you could spend two weeks just looking at churches if you wanted. From sampling its cuisine, with its plethora of produce and artisan producers on every mountain turn.

And now Petrovac is joining the race to win the award for best concrete monstrosity.

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Casino culture Gambling in Montenegro was put on the map by the James Bond film, Casino Royale, which features in the story. And gambling your money into corporate coffers rather than community is not high on our list of responsible tourism things to do. Cruise tourism Following in the footsteps of its neighbouring Dubrovnik and Venice, Kotor Bay is becoming cruise central.

These floating hotels are starting to create a lot of anchor angst with thousands of people landing in on this ancient, tiny town for a few hours at a time. They contribute little to the local economy and the pollution levels in a biodiverse beauty spot are not well documented.

And it is so small, you have no excuse for not just getting on your bike and finding it. Every village seems to have its own variety. So, off to market. Vranac is a top local red wine with Krstac a whimisical white.

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Which is so not crap. Our top Montenegro Holiday. See all our Montenegro Holidays.

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Travel Team. If you'd like to chat about Montenegro or need help finding a holiday to suit you we're very happy to help.

There are nearly always two or three answers to one question. Same goes for language. After gaining independence, the official language was declared as Montenegrin. However, the majority of the population claim Serbian to be their native language. Politics apart, they are pretty much the same, but there are plenty of Montenegrin twists to differentiate the two.

Our Montenegro travel guide hopes to encourage you to try a little of their language, with added twists or not. Thank you. Keep room in your luggage for a bottle of Vranac wine. Handmade olive soaps from Bar or Bay of Kotar. Traditional wooden instruments such as the single stringed gusle.

Even if you just have the starter, an hour between Bar and Podgorica with causeways, coast and castles, you'll be replete. How much does it cost? On foot - free. A brief history of Montenegro It may be small but it is certainly feisty. Montenegro has fought for independence throughout history, going as far back as the 15th century, when it was first founded as a state. It stayed independent throughout the map-changing carry on of the Ottoman Empire, with the exception of one tiny region, as did Serbia.

It was only after WW1, when it fought for the allied powers, that it became part of the rather impressively named Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, although then renamed as the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in Independence did come again, however, but not until Read more. Yugoslavia suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany , who invaded in , exterminating Serbs and Jews along the way.

In , the Kingdom became a Republic, or socialist federation of Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia led by Josip Tito who ruled the country, controversially, as president and military marshal until he died in During this period the Serbian Orthodox Church, part of both Serbian and Montenegrin heritage for generations, was removed from education and state, and many priests were imprisoned.

Although this has slowed down with the economic downturn in Russia. It is worth noting that before Yugoslavia existed, there was very little distinction between Serbs and Montenegrins, due to this allegiance to their Serbian Orthodox Church heritage. You can visit his mausoleum in Lovcen National Park, a much celebrated pilgrimage for many Montengrins. A philosopher and poet, it is thought that he was the founder of a modern, free thinking Montenegro.

Although Montenegro saw little actual violence on its territory compared with other regions. Montenegro was the only subsequent republic to support Serbia during the wars, having joined Serbia in a Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in The wars in former Yugoslavia ended in by the Dayton Agreement and time has finally brought healing. As indeed has tourism, which is now the major focus for all of these countries. After the Dayton Agreement, Serbia and Montenegro fell into more difficulties, with more than Serbian refugees having fled here during the wars, and then another unstable situation in Kosovo in , which also sent many ethnic Albanians into the country.

There are still vibrant communities of Albanians living in southern Montenegro, near the border with Albania, particularly in Ulcinj, Tuzi and Plav. Serbian-Montenegrin relations continued, however, with a new state called, quite simply, Serbia and Montenegro, being created in This only lasted until , when an independence referendum resulted in 55 percent of voters saying yes.

In Montenegro recognised Kosovo's self-declared independence from Serbia which, after the conflict, was being administered by the UN.

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Montenegro has applied to be a member of the EU, but this is still a work in progress. More about Montenegro. Best time to visit Montenegro. Where to go in Montenegro.