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Aundra Demon Jackson

Large Metropolis Silver Necklace. Blade Hoop Gold Earrings. Metropolis Gold Necklace. In Second Timothy and 12, Paul gives us incredible insight into what triggers a demonic attack. For the which cause I also suffer these things. He affirms to us that he is called and appointed to be a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.

ההנחה שלנו תברח בעוד:

Thus, the word pascho would depict any suffering or inconvenience due to forces beyond oneself. When Paul wrote this verse, he used a tense in the Greek that lets us know he was experiencing these inconveniences at the very moment he was writing this epistle. At that time, Paul was in Rome, sitting in a prison cell, awaiting his own execution, and being accused of crimes that he had not committed.

Paul let us know that his anointing, his calling, and his potential were the factors that triggered these demonic attacks. Because I am appointed a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles. You see, Satan was scared stiff of what would happen if Paul operated percent in his call.

How much would he be able to accomplish if he had no resistance? The reason Paul was never defeated by these attacks is that he had made a decision. He decided he would not stop or give up until he had apprehended that for which Christ Jesus had apprehended him Philippians If you want to overcome all the attacks the devil tries to wage against you through outside forces, you will have to be determined to outlast every attack! For that power to be effective, it must work in a committed person.

It works proficiently through people who have decided they will never turn back until the assignment is finished. God delights in using people who are steadfast and unmoving in their conviction, tenacious and diehard in their commitment. He takes pleasure in those who have stamina, spunk, and a dogged determination to hold on to the vision He put in their hearts.

There are many things Satan can do to try to elbow us out of the race, but the only one who can decide to quit is you or me.

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That choice lies in our hands alone. Make any lesser choice, and you will never fulfill your God-given purpose. I know the devil hopes to slow me down or even to stop me by orchestrating outside pressures to come against me.

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