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The most infamous humanzee project was conducted by Russia biologist Ilya Ivanov - also in the s - who tried and failed to create a Soviet super-soldier using human sperm and female chimps. Another reported case happened in Maoist China in where a female primate became pregnant with a human-hybrid only to die from neglect after the lab's scientists were forced to abandon the project following the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution.

But tests conducted on Oliver in proved once and for all that the animal had 48 chromosomes and was therefore not a human-hybrid. And Gallup, who teaches biopsychology at the University at Albany in New York, insists that humans can be crossbred with all the great apes — not just chimpanzees. We pay for your stories!

Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Sign in. The data would then find the heart of the network and direct the Lightmass Bomb to destroy it, thereby destroying the Locust stronghold and ending the war. There, the Locust trapped and ambushed Alpha Squad carrying the Resonator. They managed to separate Alpha into two remnants in the House of Sovereigns and Tomb of the Unknowns.

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Minh Young Kim , to which pleased Queen Myrrah. Delta Squad managed to survive their loss and still continued to plant the Resonator at the Lethia Imulsion Facility , but it failed. However, Cpl. Damon Baird had found a Geobot that contained more tunnel data than the Resonator.

Marcus Fenix. In a failed attempt to do so, Queen Myrrah realized the bomb was being placed on a train, and sent her forces to hijack the train. Meanwhile, Queen Myrrah sent forces to separate Delta from the Tyro Pillar in Timgad by removing power from the Timgad Bridge , infesting the area with Seeders and Nemacysts to isolate Delta, and sent in a Brumak to hunt them down. Delta managed to remove all threats and resupply power to the bridge.

Queen Myrrah witnessed this event above the surface, aboard her Tempest mount, and pledged that the Locust Horde would only grow stronger and that they will not stop fighting until they reached the surface and kill all their enemies or die trying. With Nexus also damaged, the Horde seem to recede. Within the first month after the bomb, however, Queen Myrrah discovered the Lightmass Bomb had awoken the Riftworm , a gargantuan worm that was perceived to the Locust as one of their gods. With the information at hand that Jacinto sinking would flood the Hollow and could kill all underground, she sought a plan to use the Riftworm to sink key cities and bases around Jacinto to sink it itself.

With the Lambency spreading in the Hollow, Locust forces were more desperate than ever to colonize the surface, rebuilding Queen Myrrah and Uzil Skorge's new army. Within six months, Uzil Skorge was successful in leading the Riftworm to the sinking of Tollen and Montevado , two major Seran cities, weakening Jacinto's foundation. With the Riftworm sinking human cities around Jacinto City , Queen Myrrah's desperate plans involved pushing her troops deeper into Jacinto.

The COG managed to repel these attacks, but the recent attacks as well as the sinking of Tollen and Montevado confirmed their fears that the Locust survived the Lightmass Bombing and were sinking cities, with Jacinto possibly being the next target. With humanity's back pushed against the wall, the COG prepared a massive counter assault to invade the Inner Hollow, destroy the Locust stronghold, and to stop the Locust Horde once and for all in Operation Hollow Storm. The Coalition launched the Operation on the 2nd Frost, 14 A.

Queen Myrrah sent troops to defend the captured Landown with an army deployed in the Stromson Forest and Landown Highway to prevent the Coalition from digging in. Although managing to destroy a large number of troops and their Assault Derricks, the Locust failed to stop the oncoming stream of Gears. Once the Coaliton had found a dig zone in Landown, Queen Myrrah sent a Blight of Locust and Keter Skorge personally to the dig zone, destroying and capturing many soldiers for Processing. With the Coaliton's presence in the Inner Hollows, Queen Myrrah alerted forward bases, the temples, and Ketor Skorge about their incoming attack.

Queen Myrrah ordered Ketor Skorge to sink the city of Ilima, but the sinking of the city lead to the Coaltion's discovery of the Riftworm and ultimately its death at the hand of Delta Squad. Her plan was set back, but Jacinto was sitting on its final pillars. With knowledge of the Coalition headed towards the New Hope Research Facility in order to discover the location of the true Locust stronghold, Queen Myrrah sent troops to the facility prevent the humans from locating their capital.

Locust troops barricaded Mount Kadar after the humans managed to learn their location. With a team force infiltrating the Locust work camps, Highway, and Nexus itself, the humans launched the Beacon and commanded troops to Nexus. Ketor Skorge attended to the command center after one of the soldiers taunted her over the speaker system.

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Marcus Fenix, was in the control room and discovered Adam Fenix's plans to sink Jacinto to flood the Hollow. The information led the Coalition to decide to sink Jacinto before the Locust could evacuate. Queen Myrrah awaited Delta Squad and Sgt. Marcus Fenix in person. Queen Myrrah was determined that the Locust would sink Jacinto first and kill both the humans and Lambent due to the full invasion of Jacinto was underway. Queen Myrrah then taunted Sgt.

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Marcus Fenix with her relationship with his father, Professor Adam Fenix. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole attempted to follow her, but Queen Myrrah escaped on a Reaver and left the Hollow before the humans could sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow themselves, eradicating the majority of the Locust Horde forces. Queen Myrrah failed to evacuate most of the Locust Horde on time and did not sink Jacinto first. The humans successfully flooded the Hollows and killed nearly all Locust forces in the Hollow.

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  • Queen Myrrah reflected on the life she and the Locust knew will never be the same, but they had to carry on like they always have. After the sinking of Jacinto, Queen Myrrah's armies either scattered or were completely lost in the flooding of the Hollow. Most of the Horde went savage without her, relocating to the Deadlands to try and recreate their lost homes or living in the former homes of the Serans.

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    Queen Myrrah took what was left of her loyal soldiers and reorganized them into the Queen's Guard. Queen Myrrah then took her loyalist forces and set their main base in the previously captured Endeavor Naval Shipyard. For the next three years, Queen Myrrah spent time rebuilding her army and holding off the Lambent - as the humans, now scattered as well, began to face the wrath of the Lambent as the Lambent Pandemic unfolded.

    On Azura, Prescott sent several forces back to the mainland on a recon mission to study Lambent samples for Adam's research in the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon. However, as they flew to the mainland, Raven KR Zero-Four spotted Queen Myrrah's army in Endeavor and had occupied the shipyard and organized it has their main base of operations. The Locust opened fire on the Raven and sent out Reavers to chase them down. Myrrah ordered her Reavers to find the origin of the Raven since not all the humans are nomadic tribes and if the humans have a sanctuary from the Lambent then the Locust could use it.

    One month after the recon mission, a Beast Rider found the maelstrom but was unable to bypass it. Queen Myrrah ordered a ship to recon the artificial storm. Queen Myrrah then arrived by boat at Azura under the Maelstrom and observe how it operates. She discerned how the beam generated the hurricane and ordered a group of drones to dive underwater and attack the power source at night. A group of at least six Drones swam past the underwater mines and were able to land on the island and attack the generator room.

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    They were able to kill an Onyx Guard stationed there, but a female scientist managed to set off the alarm. While the drones were able to disable the generator, they had lost the element of surprise. With the whole island on high alert, the Onyx Guard mobilized for the upcoming battle.

    Soon, Queen Myrrah sent all of her available forces including herself on the Tempest. Her forces came in from both sides, spreading the COG forces thin. While her forces even managed to land a Brumak, the civilians ran to the air raid shelters, and the Onyx Guard soldiers requested more air support while Queen Myrrah surveyed the battlefield from atop her Tempest.