The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses

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The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses

The work I do on the essence level is very gentle, but it can have a tremendous impact on your life. Because this work takes place outside space and time, it is possible to perform shamanic work from a distance. All sessions are recorded. Symptoms such as depression, fatigue, memory gaps or general dis-ease can receive profound healing through soul retrieval. When performing soul retrieval, I journey into the shamanic world and retrieve these separated soul parts and return them to my client.

Soul retrieval is one of my favorite healing techniques and one of the most powerful. One session is generally enough to address all past experiences of soul loss and can leave the recipient with unprecedented levels of vitality and wholeness. In a shamanic healing and soul retrieval session, I start with a Power Animal Discovery to identify and connect my client with two power animals. Power animals are spirit guides in animal form that provide a connection to primal life forces, protecting and guiding us in the physical and spiritual world.

Discovering and forming a relationship with your power animal may alleviate conditions such as lack of energy, tendency towards mishaps, or feelings of vulnerability. Likewise, a relationship with your power animal can provide support and guidance through major life transitions. Often the guides have me heal contracts, past life wounds, or realign the energy field. Many times a Star Being comes to join the person. If there has been childhood or past trauma, I go back to those events and work to release the energy in shamanic reality to remove the energetic anchor of that painful experience.

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I also do extraction work as needed, removing spiritual and energetic intrusions. Then I do the soul retrieval work, bringing back the pieces that my client has lost. Finally, I consult with my guides for information about whatever specific issues my client has mentioned- relationship, career, money, soul purpose, etc.

Sessions vary since whatever work I do is directed by the guides. My sessions are designed to provide a profound healing that is completed in one session. Because the work is occurring on the soul level, how this experience translates to the conscious human level varies from person to person. Sometimes, the results are very subtle, increasing strength and wholeness. The RobCast. Rob Bell. Ghost of a Podcast. Jessica Lanyadoo. Shaman's Way. Starseed Survival Guide. Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman.

ReWilding for Women. Sabrina Lynn. Feral Intercourse: Conversations with Wild Women. Rachael Alaia. Future Primitive Podcasts. Future Primitive. And that means for the vast majority of human history, we were living as hunter-gatherers in a culture that was, by any sane model of cultures, was… It had fantastic mental health from what we know, it was environmentally sustainable, just all sorts of measures, basically.

But the Great Forgetting is, none of that exists. So what allowed you to understand that your early experiences were indeed these initiatory experiences, and how might other people recognize theirs, potentially, as being such? Daniel Quinn also wrote another book called Providence, which I just recently read.

But if I look back, shamanism was calling to me right from my early childhood, but I had no idea what it was. So I went to university, for instance, and I actually signed up to do sociology, but you have to sign up for two other subjects the first year as well. So I signed up for religious studies, and opted for a course on what was then called studying primitive cultures. No idea why, how do you not think about it?

So the characteristic, I would say, because not all spiritual experiences are shamanic, the characteristic of a shamanic experience is this experience. So chimpanzees will do it, and ravens will do it, and so on.

See a Problem?

Slugs tend not to. To understand how other things are conscious, you have to think beyond self awareness, and think in terms of collective awareness. So an individual blade of grass has no consciousness, but for shamans a plant like grass is a planet-wide being. It has a huge consciousness. Now, take that even further. Think about understanding the consciousness of stone. Just think about how much you have to slow down to do that. If I become conscious of that, what I would do as a psychotherapist is try to really get inside them. So really put myself in what would it have been like to have been raised in the way they were raised?

To face their choices, to have walked in their shoes, and so on? And when you do that, what happens is empathy. So shamanism has a very similar thing, we call it shape shifting. Now, just think what that would be like. So they can enter a different kind of relationship with it? They would have experienced the world just being alive. By lunchtime, How we are in the modern world is not normal. It is normal for us to experience things around us as being alive and conscious. I mean I have seen all sorts of astonishing things happen. Then when you read up on what the healing properties of that thing is, your jaw drops open.

I mean it just… it is astonishing. And the reason we think this is impossible is because we think in terms of separation. Take consciousness, for instance. So, in science, the normal paradigm, what Kuhn calls normal science, the dominant science of any given era, the normal science says that consciousness is a product of complex brains. There is literally no scientific evidence for this anywhere, like literally none, and this is based on materialistic thinking, and about separation.

That what we are is simply receptors of consciousness.

If we think in terms of collective consciousness, then that makes perfect sense. Once a certain number of monkeys, or whatever it is, learn something, then it just starts popping up all over the world, basically. So Sheldrake did some experiments where they had two identical mazes that rats could run, and so rats in New York learnt the maze, and so when they released the rats in London, those rats learnt the maze quicker, because the rats in New York had already learnt it.

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It makes perfect sense if you stop thinking in terms of separation. So changing the way that we consume, changing the way that our political and economic structures are set up? If we die out, life will continue. We actually maybe some just horrible virus or…. And so we have to start changing our paradigm, the way we think about things. Because you mentioned earlier about how history is written by the winners, which we all know, especially if we belong to any non-majority group. So what are some of the stories that we can start to tell, and how we might we be able to start to live by those stories, and to spread them and share them?

So things like the myth of human supremacy, I mean that has been a devastatingly bad story, not just to us but to every other thing on the planet.

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Stories about hierarchies are normal, hunter-gatherers were not hierarchical. Stories that inequality is acceptable. Hunter-gatherer tribes had no inequality at all. The idea that up is good, down is bad, so spirit is good, Earth is bad. That often then gets translated into, men are good, women are bad, and so on. So stories that lead to patriarchy. All hunter-gatherer cultures have some version of that sort of golden era, where their ancestors were wiser, and had more powers, and lived in better harmony with nature and so on.

And we need stories like that again. We need a template.