Trio Sonata in E Minor, Op. 3, No. 4 - Flute/Oboe/Violin 1

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Oblong, 17 x 15 cm, pp. Volume 1.

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Vm1 Halftone of the autograph score. Volume Halftone of the autograph. Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, 10, 72 pp. Discusses transposition for the musette. Archivum Musicum: Flauto traversiere, RISM: V. Catalogue: P. Ryom RV Collection Facsimiles, B1. Gland, Limited edition of numbered copies.

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Linen slipcase. Opera XIII. Allettamenti armonici per due flauti traversieri senza basso, op. Line-cut of the Paris, 18th-c. Prefare in It by Marcello Castelliani. Del metallo ricercari a due voci per sonare, e cantare. Bicinia nova. Prag, Typis nigricianis RISM 7. Faksimile-Edition Zwickau, 4.

Oblong, 20 x 14 cm, 2 partbooks, pp. Line-cut of the Prague, edition. Suitable for different voice ranges, with or without instrumental accompaniment. A cura di Rossella Fabbri. Lucca, Line-cut of the Ricordi, edition. Het sevenste musyck boexken mit dry partien, waer inne begrepen syn XXIX psalmen van David met meer ander geestelycke lofsangen wt der beiligher Schrift. Introduction: Ignace Bossuyt. Oblong, 20 x 15 cm, xiv, 3 partbooks, pp. Opera terza.

Telemann: Trio Sonatas for Oboe, Recorder (Bernandini, Cavasanti, Ensemble Tripla Concordia)

Oblong, 35 x 24 cm, 49 pp. Line-cut of the London [after. Opera II. Oblong, 35 x 24 cm, 45 pp. Basel, Line-cut of the Paris, editions. For haute-contre, violin, bc. Collection Facsimiles, D1. With an Introduction by Karl Ventzke. The Flute Library, Buren, A Facsimile of the Rome, [? Oblong, 20 x 14 cm, 40 pp. Laid paper, cloth. Roma, Rome, Halftone, reproduced 2 original pages per page.

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Introduction in It by Giancarlo Rostirolla. White Plains, Line-cut, reproducing 2 original pages per page. Historical commentary, with bibliography. Hardbound, in marbled paper. Opera I.

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Introduction by Peter Holman. Line-cut of the Walsh edition London, Introduction in Ger by Winfried Michel. The first part of op. Preface in It by Marcello Castelliani. Walsh and Hare, London, Collection Dominates.

Oblong, 32 x 24 cm, 3 vols, 35, 28 pp. The second part of op. Xerographic reprint of the Paris, edition. Composition for fl, ob and clar given as one of the examples.

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  8. With Introduction and Notes by Mirjam Nastasi. Flute Library, 6. Prototipes contains lessons in questions and answer form, and illustrative sonatas for the vln, fl, and descant viol. Opera XIV. Line-cut of the Paris, [c. Edited and Arranged by Simon Wynberg. New edition. Line-cut of another surviving print of the Paris, edition. Introduction by Don Hulbert.

    Madrid, Basel, c. Musique pour Viole de Gambe, 1 Paris, Preface in Fr by Jean-Louis Charbonnier. On y a joint le verset qui dat nivem, du pseaume lauda Jerusalem, Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, xiv, 34 pp. Line-cut of the Chr. Ballard edition, Paris, Set for voice s , flutes, and continuo. Pseaume Benedixisti Domine terram tuam Paris, Line-cut of the Christophe Ballard edition, Paris, Set for voice s , flutes, and continuo on psalm Set for voice s , flutes, oboes, and continuo.

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    Line-cut of the engraved edition from the Bibl. Nationale in Paris and two non-autograph manuscripts resp. Nationale, Paris and Bibl. Municipale, Lyon ; both of which pre-date the printed edition. Les Nations.

    Trio Sonata in E minor, Op.3 No.4 (Hotteterre, Jacques)

    Monaco, Line-cut of the Paris, edition, together with newly revised critical edition. Sonades; et suites de simphonies en trio. Wrappers, with folder. Nationale, Ms. Critical notes. Flute Library, Line-cut of the Sieber edition, Paris, n.